Things you should know before traveling to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is one of the most popular tourist destinations and a stunning city to explore in Croatia. It is often referred to as the Pearl of Adriatic and it features the oldest pharmacy in Europe, Old Town, UNESCO World Heritage City Walls, breathtaking sunsets and other amazing features that fill you with different emotions. Nevertheless, below are seven things that you should know before traveling to Dubrovnik.

1. Currency conversion

Besides being in the European Union, Croatia does not use Euros in their transactions. The currency used in this city is known as the Kuna and can easily be obtained from the various exchange offices in and outside the town. So, ensure you change your money into Kuna so that you can easily pay for services and goods you buy from the restaurants, bars, and other businesses.

2. Best time to visit

If you are the kind that hates huge tourist crowds, you should not visit this city in the peak season that starts from July to September. At this time, the city is comprised of huge crowds. During winter, the weather is cold with low temperature and sea breeze. The sea temperature is also too cold to swim. The best time to visit this city is around September and October.

3. How to Get There

There are different possibilities to get you to Dubrovnik depending on your departure location, but Dubrovnik has its own airport, so you’ll probably fly there. If you won’t be flying in, you can come by bus or a car, or take the Jardolinija ferry to move to the city.

4. The locals pay less in Dubrovnik

It is true that the locals pay a smaller amount as compared to the tourists. They pay up to about 30 percent off the final bill in Dubrovnik. This is the case in all taxi rides, bars, and restaurants. A good example is an entry to the Aquarium where visitors pay 60 Kuna and locals pay half the price.

5. The shuttle bus is a good stress-free option

When traveling from the airport to Dubrovnik town center, the easiest way to take you through is using the shuttle bus. You can get the tickets for about 40 Kuna for every one-way trip to the central city. However, if you are more than two, taking an Uber seems a bit cheaper.

6. Transportation across the city

The city is a walkable one and you rarely need to use public transportation. Nevertheless, you can get buses to help you travel to and from the Old Town and other town districts, including the neighboring smaller cities. The plans are well marked for every route at each bus stop.

7. It is quite expensive

Compared to the rest of Croatia, there is a huge difference between prices in Dubrovnik for the locals and tourists. To escape the huge expenses on hotel meals, it is wise to prepare your meal at your hostel, apartment, or any Croatia property. Grocery prices are quite above average and a wine bottle is a bit cheap in the supermarket.


The above are things to know before visiting Dubrovnik, Croatia. As a bonus, you need to know these two native words: ‘Doviđenja’ (meaning- goodbye) and ‘Hvala’ (meaning- thank you). Knowing these respectful and polite words could make a huge difference and ease your communication with the locals. All these things will make your trip more enjoyable once you reach this amazing city.