57% of Employees in the UK Travel Industry Think They Could Better Their Boss

It’s not that uncommon for an employee to think they’d do a better job than their boss but it sounds like the travel industry in the UK might be having a rough time of it lately! There’s been a recent survey of 500 UK employees, conducted by bgo.com, that saw 60% of respondents say they believed they could do a better job than their boss.

The survey covered a whole bunch of sectors but one of the results that stood out was that 57% of those in the travel industry believed they’d be a better manager than their direct superior. Such a popular industry having such a high level of dissatisfaction seems surprising but according to the results, 77% of junior management in the travel sector believed they were superior to their boss.

It seems surprising that so many staff members who are lower down the totem pole would have such a distrust of their boss but the answer may be simpler than we think. Apparently, looking at the responses over a wider series of sectors, 65% of 21-24-year olds believed they could do a better job than their boss and this may simply be down to the fact younger employees aren’t fully aware of what their bosses do. Maybe members of staff who are lower on the managerial ladder all believe they’d be better than their boss?

But the data offers a contrasting opinion, while 77% of junior management felt that they’d do a better job only 41% of entry level employees believed they’d be a more efficient manager which implies that the entry level positions are filled with staff who appreciate what their bosses do.

There are two ways in which you could interpret this data, either that the junior management employees having got a taste for how the corporate structure works and have gotten a little too big for their boots while the entry-level workers are still learning the ropes. Alternatively, and a thought that may surprise some people, they could actually be right. It may be that the new generation of management are keen go-getters with ideas that could help the company and industry over all!

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