Why self-catered apartments are better than a B&B

If your family are planning a trip to the city at any time in the near future, you may be looking into the options for where you should stay. Many go-to options include a B&B, which comes with the additional benefit of breakfast, or a hotel (which provides none of the above).

The downsides to B&B’s are:

  • Can’t choose your breakfast
  • Not much privacy
  • Not much space to yourself
  • Can’t cook your own food at other times of the day
  • May not always get on with the hosts

Whilst bed and breakfasts can be enjoyable, they don’t quite surpass the benefits of serviced apartments. Everything that B&BS lack is present in the serviced apartments. From the privacy, to the ability to whatever you want whenever you want – here’s the run-down of why serviced apartments are the best.

  1. Private Room and Facilities (No sharing!)

  2. High quality furnishings and fittings

  3. Own kitchen meaning you can cook whenever and whatever you like

  4. Choose when your room gets services

  5. Lots of space
  6. Home comforts

  7. Secure 

To book your perfect getaway visit Beech House and check the availability for your holiday dates. There are a range of different apartments that range from studio apartments to 2 bed houses.

Beech House serviced apartments are set within the heart of Clifton, Bristol and are furnished to a gorgeous Victorian style with a modern twist. Perfectly in keeping with the area they’re located in.

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