When is the best time for yacht charter on the First Minute offer?

Provided that you charter a yacht through something like these Marina Del Rey yacht rentals, it doesn’t have to cost a lot. The autumn months are not just the time when many people end their holidays on the water and return to everyday matters. It is also a period of intensified searching for attractive First Minute offers. What are their benefits and when exactly should we look for them? Enjoy your reading!

First Minute offers

First Minute is an option for people who like to have everything carefully planned and organized well in advance. It appears in the last months of the year and is usually available for the first three months of the new year. Yacht booking at this time gives about half a year to settle all formalities and matters related to travel to the final place, such as finding the best connection. We can easily gather our crew and set suitable vacation term. However, it must be remembered that not everyone is thinking about vacation during the winter. If we decide to First Minute Yacht Charter Croatia, we can additionally protect ourselves against the need to cancel the trip by the so-called charter cancellation insurance. If we change our decision, we will receive a refund of the booking costs.

First come, first served

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantages of First Minute offers are price and a wide selection. In winter, the search engine will find the largest number of yachts, which will allow us to choose the one that lives up to our exact expectations. Equipment, number of seats, marina, convenient date – all this can help us plan a comfortable vacation for the whole crew. However, it should be remembered that in the case of First Minute offers, the principle of “first come, first served” applies. Over time, the best yachts are no longer available, and we only have more and more expensive offers to choose – until the Last Minute opportunity appears. This means that the sooner you decide, the more you save. It is good to start searching at the turn of December and January – then we have a great chance to hunt for an attractive opportunity.

First Minute yacht charter is a perfect solution for all those who prefer a calm and thoughtful organization of holidays in advance and at an attractive price.