What To Do If You’re In A Car Accident On Vacation

Road tripping for your vacation is always a good time. The music you jam to along the way, the conversations in the car, and the constant change of scenery all make road tripping a special kind of travel.


The risk is that there are millions of people on the roads every day, and accidents happen. Dealing with an auto accident while on vacation can seem like a worst-case scenario, but take heart.


Arm yourself with the knowledge needed to handle the situation with grace. Here is a brief overview, featuring some tips on what to do if you’re ever in a car accident while on vacation.


Follow the basics


Immediately following the accident, you should check everyone in the vehicle for injuries. From there, move the car to a safe space if it is at all possible. Then, call the police.


Once the police arrive, let them do their thing. Make sure you get the information you need to obtain a report of the accident at a later moment.


Get a copy of the police report


Before you ever leave the area, make certain you have a copy of the police report. You may need the information for legal purposes later on. Your insurance company will also need a copy of the police report.


Hire a lawyer if need be


There are a few reasons why you might need to hire a lawyer if you find yourself in a car accident while away from home. If you have trouble with the other drivers taking responsibility for their part in the accident, hire an accident lawyer immediately.


There’s liability to be assigned in every accident, and things can get complicated when people get hurt. Cover all your bases, and retain legal counsel as soon as possible. That said, it is always in your best interest that you retain trusted legal counsel even before embarking on a trip. Not that this is done keeping an accident in your vision, but that one can never know what may go wrong, and hiring an attorney in a hurry may not always be the best idea. So, speak to a trusted Arkansas car accident lawyer (or one where you live) beforehand so that they can come to your aid if ever the need arises.


If your vehicle is not drivable


If the accident you experience is bad enough that your vehicle simply isn’t driveable, you’ll need a way to get back home. You may even want to continue with your vacation. Whatever the case may be, you’ll need an alternate form of transportation.


You can rent a car to continue the drive or simply drive back home. If you were driving a rental in a car accident, you need to notify the rental company immediately.


Document the accident scene


Before you ever leave the scene of the accident, you need to document as many aspects of the scene as you can. Take detailed pictures of every vehicle and the surrounding environment.


The information you collect can make a huge difference later on down the line. If someone involved in the accident disputes your story, it’s helpful to have images to prove your viewpoint is correct.