Vegas Insights: How to Make Your First Trip Unforgettable

There can be few other destinations as exciting as Las Vegas. If you’re thinking about going wild for a weekend and having a great time in this fun-loving city, you’ll want to plan your trip carefully.

While Las Vegas is amazing, there are lots of things that you should know in advance of your first trip. Here are some of the most important things to remember when you’re planning your first time in the city.

Choose Your Hotel with Care

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you choose the right hotel for your trip. There are many hotels in Las Vegas, but while some of them will provide you with fantastic stays, others leave a lot to be desired.

It’s often a good idea to go with a safe bet like the JW Marriott resort and spa, where you can enjoy some pampering during your stay.

However, make sure you choose a hotel in the best location for your trip. That might or might not be on the Strip, and it depends on what you’ve got in mind for your stay. Just make sure you compare a few of the options and don’t just go with the cheapest place because you are likely to be disappointed.

Always Look for Discounts

Las Vegas can be expensive, but you can always find ways to get discounts if you look carefully. For example, if you’re planning on visiting a show, you can usually find a discount by visiting a dedicated bookings website so you don’t have to pay the full price.

Also, make sure you sign up for the player’s clubs in the casinos that you want to play in. Signing up doesn’t cost anything, and you’ll get some great free stuff such as discounts and playing credit.

You can even save money on your drinks. Rather than buying a drink at the casino bar, start playing on one of the tables and you might be able to get free drinks if you tip your waitress well. Or instead, you can have a drink in your hotel before you go out.

Don’t Assume You Can Walk Everywhere

In Las Vegas, distances can look small on a map, but actually, they can be deceivingly large. If you are planning to walk somewhere, always know exactly how far it is in advance, and take plenty of water with you. The better option is usually to take a cab.

Rent a Car to Get Around Easier

If you plan to move around a lot during your trip, rent a car. This will give you complete freedom to get around and see what you want to without having to worry about distances. For example, you might want to head downtown to see the other side of the city.

See the Other Top Attractions

Don’t limit yourself to the casinos and the shows. There is plenty to see and do in Las Vegas! Get yourself the Las Vegas Power Pass and this will provide you with free entry to dozens of attractions like the Voodoo Zip Line and the Stratosphere Tower. You can also venture out further and explore Valley of Fire State Park and Death Valley.

Have a Blast in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the perfect destination for an exciting and fun-filled break. Just remember to keep these tips in mind so you avoid making classic first-time-in-Vegas mistakes, and get the most out of your time here.

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