Unforgettable Unique Gifts for the Traveller

Buying gifts for anyone can be overwhelming and frustrating when you can’t quite find something that feels right. It becomes even more difficult when the person you are buying for has everything they need or want already and anything you could buy them seems so trivial. If you have a loved one who enjoys travelling and experiencing new adventures, there are some fabulous unique gifts out there for you to consider, without leaving home to brave a shopping mall.

Forget the Gift Baskets

We have all received a gift basket or two in our day, loaded with stale cookies and obscure chocolates. Not that we are not appreciative, but it seems like such a waste of money when half of it ends up in the garbage or even re-gifted. You are better off to spend your hard earned money on a gift that your loved one will be wowed with and never forget. This is where an experience gift comes in.

Experiences as Gifts

Instead of a tangible, in-the-box type of gift, why not consider the gift of an experience for your loved one. Those in your life who love to travel as much as I do, will find a gift like this exciting and unique; one they won’t soon forget. There are many options available to suit different interests and tastes.

Local or Afar–The Choice is Yours

There are choices which allow you to stay local, such as wine tasting tours and one or two nights stay in a hotel, or a fine dining experience with world renowned chefs. You may even be so daring as to book a Hot Air Balloon Tour to experience the sights from above and enjoy travelling by air in a much different way.These can all be chosen in many local areas instead of abroad, keeping you on budget.

If you wish to go a little further with your experience gift and have a bigger budget, you could opt for a gift of travel a little further away. Even book yourself in along with your loved one as a way of spending time together. The travel ideas and experiences range from driving a race car in Mexico to Heli-skiing in British Columbia. You can choose an experience that is daring and bold or one that is a little more slow-paced and laid back. Tailor your gift to the receiver as you choose.

What to Keep in Mind

When booking an experience for a loved one to give as a gift, it is a good idea to know their upcoming schedule to some degree, especially if selecting a destination experience. Once you book the experience, it may be difficult to make changes or re-sell it if need be.

Having said that, the gift of a unique experience or adventure is sure to be welcome by your travelling friend or family member and one that, surely, will not be duplicated by anyone else for return or exchange after the holiday season has passed


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