Top 4 UK cities to visit in 2019

Whether you’re a native looking for a staycation in the UK, or a visitor looking to explore what Britain has to offer, there are plenty of places to see. From country getaways to city breaks, you can find everything you need in UK cities, where you can always find somewhere to relax or enjoy yourself.

Take a look at these top five destinations which will help you decide where in the UK is best for you. 


A UK destination guide would not be complete without a mention of the capital city, because after all, what’s a trip to the UK without London? Here you will find everything you need in the way of entertainment, from great food and eclectic drinks to rooftop views and tourist sights.

If history interests you, consider taking a trip to the Tower of London, where you can find the prestigious white tower, featuring the world’s oldest tourist attraction – the Line of Kings’ armour.  Alongside the tower is The Jewel House, which is the home of the crown jewels. There are also additional artefacts and buildings, which will help you explore London’s rich history in detail.


The city of Manchester has now become known as the capital of the north, as it essentially offers everything London does for half the price. The area includes impressive nightlife and food markets, which won’t break your bank when you go out for the night.

Manchester has become one of the most popular cities to visit in the UK. This is due to the significant amount of regeneration in areas like MediaCity, which has enabled the city to transform completely. Companies like RW Invest have benefited from this regeneration with the building of several luxury developments that are located right next to some of Manchester’s highlights. An example is The Lowry, which is home to some of the top theatre productions in the UK. 


Another impressive northern city is Liverpool – the home of the fab four and this year’s Champions League winners. This is the perfect place for those who wish to immerse themselves in the culture of a UK city, whether that means exploring the Albert Dock, where you can find plenty of statues, the Beatles museum, or one of the many lovely restaurants and eateries scattered throughout.

If you want to experience Liverpool like a local, you should take a trip to the Baltic Triangle, where you can find everything. Why not try out punk-style afternoon tea, where you can swap out traditional tea and scones for prosecco and burger sliders. Once you’ve filled your boots with food and drink, you can then head over to ‘The Spectaculum’, a circus-themed bar where you can find every carnival game there is. If you’re feeling competitive, you could even head next door for 18 rounds at Ghetto golf, which turns the traditional game on its head with its wacky holes.


If you fancy venturing further afield, you could consider the culturally-rich city of Edinburgh, which has become one of the most popular UK destinations in the UK in recent years. One of the top things on your Edinburgh bucket list should definitely be the castle itself, followed by other attractions like the extinct volcano ‘Arthur’s seat’, which offers excellent views across the city.

A trip to Edinburgh would not be complete without a visit to at least one or two bars to try out some Scottish ales. If you’re looking for a more traditional experience, you should order a few cask ales at The Abbotsford, which is known for its malt whiskey and bustling atmosphere. For something more upmarket, you should head to The Bon Vivant, which has an ever-changing cocktail list with something for everyone. You can even try a blind tasting of all their 40 wines if you fancy a challenge.