Top 4 Destinations In Egypt


Are you thinking of travelling to Egypt? We don’t blame you if you are; Egypt is a gorgeous place with so much history and culture. Some places you can visit are great for tourists, while in others you may have to be a little careful as their culture and traditions are rather different to ours. If you are finding it difficult to decide where to go, take a look at the top 4 destinations to help you make your decision:


Although Cairo is an ancient place, it’s also modernised in many ways. Cairo isn’t the best place to go if you’re hoping to have a tranquil, relaxing break, that’s for sure (the noise of the traffic alone will see to that). Travel warnings have been issued in the past because of political unrest in the country, so make sure you do your research before booking a holiday here (or anywhere in Egypt for that matter) so you can stay as safe as possible. In Cairo you’ll get the chance to see the famous pyramids and sphinx, something everyone should try to see at least once in their life. The pyramids are one of the seven wonders of the world, not something that should be missed!

Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is an extremely popular resort with friends, couples, and families. The perfect beach destination in Egypt, you can arrive quickly and easily by shuttle from Sharm El Sheikh airport. You’ll then be able to take a dip in the warm red sea or just relax and top up your tan on one of the beautiful beaches.

Perhaps you fancy something a little more adventurous? You could always try scuba diving, and enjoy the colourful, tropical schools of fish that will greet you under the sea.


Fancy enjoying a bit of adventure, history, and culture? Why not take a hot air balloon ride (an adventure all on it’s own) right over the Valley of the Kings? You can enjoy two activities in one this way, and take in all of the other spectacular views while you’re at it.


This busy resort town is full of great activities for tourists. El Dahar is an old town perfect for exploring and taking in some of Egypt’s traditional culture, while the beaches are the perfect place to go if you fancy trying your hand at windsurfing.

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel isn’t just great for a full holiday, it’s the perfect daybreak for anyone staying nearby. A small town that is easy to get around on foot, you can enjoy landmarks such as the Temple of Ramses and Nefertari’s Temple of Hathor (which nearly disappeared under Lake Nasser in the 60’s). Once you’ve explored those two famous landmarks, you can then enjoy the gorgeous lakes and deserts.

A trip to Egypt is one you’ll never forget, no matter the destination you choose. Just remember to do your research beforehand to find out about the culture and traditions so you can keep the locals happy!

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