The Drake Hotel Is A Fun And Entertaining Toronto Restaurant


The Drake is one of the most popular and well-respected boutique hotels in Toronto. What sets boutique hotels, and The Drake in particular apart?

Most importantly, as a guest, boutique hotels are meant to be experienced in order to be fully appreciated. Spending a single night in The Drake can change guests’ outlook on hotels; in fact, the common areas alone are enough to inspire. Furthermore, the central location of The Drake Hotel in Toronto makes for a wonderful way to visit the city. But a top-notch Toronto experience doesn’t have to break the bank- The Drake is priced very competitively compared to other local boutique hotels. With only 19 rooms including one suite, The Drake is meant to be cozy and charming.

One of the most popular restaurants in Toronto, The Drake’s kitchen, which serves the various eateries within The Drake Hotel, confidently stands out. The venues of The Drake Hotel, which primarily promote dining, include the Dining Room, the Lounge and Sky Yard – each providing a different atmosphere for guests. The Dining Room is full-service from 6PM to 11PM Monday through Saturday.

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert are all fair game. The Drake steps up their offerings by changing everything about the Dining Room when a new season dawns, while many restaurants simply offer seasonal food- a testament to the mission of The Drake to provide a fun, entertaining and all-encompassing hotel experience in downtown Toronto. They may even occasionally take inspiration from some enlightening blog posts that lay emphasis on the connection between restaurant promotions and consumer satisfaction, and thus be home to a host of discounts, special events, holiday specials, and more. Food at The Lounge rivals the best of Toronto restaurants including appetizers like oysters which are shucked at the raw bar, lunch staples like burgers and beer, and weekend brunches like eggs benedict, bagel and lox, chicken and waffles, as well as mid-morning drinks like Lavender Lemonade and prosecco. The Sky Yard is the any-season rooftop patio of The Drake complete with cocktail bar where guests can eat under the sun or stars.

Entertainment at The Drake revolves around the Underground and Lounge venues within the hotel. The Lounge features revolving weekly events including trivia games, live music from bands to DJs, art talks, and cook-offs. The Drake hotel actually aims to recreate the comfort of home at The Lounge, with its large and luxurious booth seats, quaint bar, and elegant yet eye-catching decor. Conversely, the Underground caters more towards late-night partying and keeps the mood fresh by not just offering standard music entertainment from DJs, indie, and more traditional bands, as well as solo artists but by also screening films and hosting standup comedy. So if you want to see what the buzz is all about, you may want to check out websites like, so you can enjoy yourself at this late-night partying venue.

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Francis Jodden is a hotel and restaurant critic and writer who blogs about the best places to stay and dine in Canada and abroad. When visiting the GTA and choosing among many popular restaurants in Toronto, Francis always chooses The Drake Hotel in Toronto.

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