Ten Things You Must Add to Your Bucket List

Life is short, so why not set some goals to push yourself out of your comfort zone, travel the world or meet new people within the next year. To help you add some thrill and excitement into your life, we have picked five things that you must add to your bucket list.

Sky Dive Over the Palm in Dubai

Have you ever dreamt of being able to fly? There is no better way to get the adrenaline pumping than jumping out of a plane as you free fall over the mesmerising Palm in Dubai alongside an expert skydiver. Forget all your worries as you dive through the air at over 100 miles per hour. Age is no excuse as the eldest sky diver set the record for jumping out of a plane at the age of 100 years old!

Climb to The Top of The Empire State Building

A trip to the lively city of New York is a must! During your visit, be sure to climb to the top of the Empire State Building for exceptional 3D views of the bustling city below. We highly recommended that you visit in the evenings when the city is fully illuminated for a truly unique experience.

Go on an Antarctic Expedition   

Brace the cold and go on a lifechanging expedition to the Antarctic. Explore a world like no other covered in ice, snow and some of the world’s last untouched wilderness. Admire jaw dropping landscapes and appreciate the likes of whales and penguins in their natural habitat during your expedition.

Zip Line Over the Mexican Jungle

Fly high over the jungle in Riviera Maya during a fantastic holiday to Mexico. Let loose as you zip-line ride at 30 km/h and 45 metres above the ground. What better way to get your pulse racing as you soar above the plants and wildlife below.

Holiday in The Maldives

Live a life of luxury and experience tranquillity during a fabulous trip to the Maldives. With almost 1,200 islands in the Maldives, there are around 100 stunning resorts to choose from. Go all out and experience a wonderful stay in a peaceful thatch roof water bungalow situated out on the turquoise water, supported by stilts.

Discover Africa’s Big Top 5 During a Safari

Explore the great African plains during a phenomenal African Safari experience and set eyes on the infamous Big Top 5 (elephants, lions, cheetahs, rhinos and buffalo). As you venture out in search of some amazing animals, witness wild waterfalls, flourishing scenic views. This is a wonderful way to get up close and personal with wildlife.

Go Wild in Vegas

Vegas, also known as ‘a happy place’ should be at the top of everyone’s bucket list. Whether you are into gambling at the casino, partying hard until the sun comes up or going to elaborate shows or performances, there is something for everyone in Vegas. Everything is extravagant and over the top from the all-day bottomless buffets to the deluxe hotels that contain their own indoor gondolas.

Take the Plunge and Go Shark Cage Diving in Australia

Come face to face with one of the world’s deadliest predators, the Great White sharks in Australia during a shark cage diving trip. This once in a lifetime experience is sure to have you shaking in your wetsuit! If you are luck you might catch a glimpse of some friendly whales and sealions as you are waiting for sharks to approach. Calypso Star Charters are particularly good for organising exciting shark cage diving excursions.

Ski in The Alps

Whether you are an experienced skier or a beginner, it is well worth going on one of the super Mark Warner ski holidays in France, Austria or Italy. During your visit, appreciate breath-taking views as you ski down the snowy slopes in the mid-day sun and enjoy a fun-filled après ski session at the top of the mountain.

Take A Cruise Around the World

Last but most definitely not least, why not cram in as many visits to as many beautiful countries as possible during a world cruise. Whether you are desperate to explore buzzing cities like Shanghai or are dreaming of stopping off at places that boast beautiful surroundings like New Zealand, there is a destination to suit everyone.


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