Take the ‘Blah’ Out of This January

That dead period immediately after New Year is usually one during which you potter about the house wondering what there is to do. Believe it or not, but the organisers of wonderful events can’t wait for this month to entertain you with many things to do.

We will show you, along with Stagecoach, just how you can get to these events and the best ways to enjoy them. Don’t worry about costs. It’s generally well-known that people don’t have a lot of money to throw around on things to do and places to go so soon after Christmas. Some of these activities are free and you can’t get cheaper than that!

Happy Chinese New Year in Manchester

You have a couple of weeks to get into the groove of Chinese New Year. That means buying the red banners to hang on either side of your door as well as learning the Chinese words for ‘Happy New Year.’ Here’s a hint – fat choy is a part of it. The Chinese New Year in 2017 is on Saturday 28th January and in honour, Manchester is hosting a whole weekend of celebrations from the 26th to the 29th January.

You have to congratulate the City of Manchester as they have been able to put together the biggest celebration of this kind in the UK! No mean feat when you consider just how many celebrations take place around the world.

The lanterns of the Terracotta Army, which have been shown in places like Sydney, Zagreb and Prague during the year, will make an appearance at these celebrations in Manchester. This is a New Year you can’t miss. Bring your camera to capture some shots of history as well as getting a few snaps of the 50ft Golden Dragon that will be set up in the streets as well. Add in  street food, a light show and a host of traditional performances and you have a weekend to remember. Starting on the 26th January going until the 29th.

LEGO and History in Newcastle

Before we talk about an amazing LEGO display at Newcastle’s Life Science Centre, you are reminded that the centre’s ice skating rink is open until the 26th February 2017, so why not get your skates on if you didn’t have time before Christmas?

Inside the centre itself, there will be the hugely popular Animal Inside Out exhibition which runs until January 8th—if you’re quick, you might just get a chance to enjoy this anatomical safari which features over 100 exhibits.

The LEGO bricks builders have been super creative and built exhibits that depict the sinking of the Titanic and the moon landing by Apollo 11. Imagine the expressions on your child’s face when they get to see these amazing recreations of some of the world’s most important moments. Entry to the centre and access to the skating rink carry a small charge.

With so much to do, pick up a monthly bus pass and explore all that January has to offer.

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