Sober Traveling At Its Finest: Staying Sober On Vacation

Almost everyone loves to travel, and an addict in recovery is no exception.  There may be some limitations in life now that you are sober, but that does not mean you have to give up traveling.  

There are a plethora of tempting moments that come to mind when you think of the standard vacation (and trying to stay sober).  Drinking on vacation is a very common activity for most people, and the tourist hot spots are built to appease.  

It can be challenging to find a way to plan a completely sober vacation, but it is most definitely not an impossible goal.  Here are a few helpful pointers to help you achieve a completely sober vacation plan.  

Choose wisely when deciding upon a destination

There are some destinations that are never safe for sobriety and some that are only sometimes dangerous.  For example, you would not want to visit Panama City Beach in March.  Spring breakers litter the beaches, and drunken disorder is everywhere.  

It may also be a bad idea to visit Germany during the month of October, especially if alcohol is your drug of choice.  Choose your destination with intention and intelligence, and you are sure to enjoy plenty of carefree relaxation.  

Take sober support along for the ride

One of the most effective ways to remain sober while on vacation is to bring your support system along for the ride.  Bring the people in your life who make you feel most comfortable and safe.  

People who understand the nature of addiction, and your personal struggles, make the best travel buddies.  Besides, traveling alone is not half as fun as traveling with your best friends.  

Plan plenty of activities in advance

Planning a sober vacation is all about the effort.  Make those phone calls, and find enriching activities in the area. 

Schedule enough activities that you do not have too much idle time on your hands, but keep the attendance optional.  Vacation is all about relieving yourself of obligations and schedules.  

Prepare some positive coping strategies

Before ever stepping foot out of your front door, you should have prepared plenty of positive coping mechanisms.  Just like any other concept we commit to routine/memory, ingraining positive coping strategies into your mind prior to travel will give you a heads up on any random triggers that could arise.  

Know when to postpone your trip

Vacation may seem like a bright light at the end of a very stressful tunnel, but sometimes it just is not a good time to travel.  If you are simply not ready, give yourself permission to postpone your trip.  Vacation is meant for relaxation, and if your sobriety is at stake, take more time.  

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