Planning a Trip to Copenhagen? Here’s a Round Up of Some Fabulous Attractions


Copenhagen has attractions to suit every taste and personality, and the great thing is that the majority of them are within walking distance of each other, so you can cram loads of activities into a short stay! Copenhagen has so much to offer, with history dating back to 1043 – you won’t believe the amount of sites, landmarks, historic buildings and museums! However, we thought we’d help you out by giving you a roundup of some of the most fabulous attractions. Read on to find out what to visit on your trip to Copenhagen:

The Little Mermaid

The sculpture of the Little Mermaid is one of Copenhagen’s most famous attractions ever. Inspired by the fairytale; it was unveiled in 1913, made of bronze and granite. Unfortunately the little mermaid has been victim to vandals on several occasions; she’s lost her head twice, had her arm sawn off, and even had paint poured over her. However, again and again she is restored so she can welcome the boat travellers at Copenhagen harbour. But don’t worry, you can still view the little mermaid if you booked flights to Copenhagen, as she’s free for the public to view (just don’t chop her head off or throw paint on her).


If you’re visiting Copenhagen in the hot summer time, Nyhavn is a great place to put your feet up and relax after a long day of seeing the sites. The restaurants all serve fine food and are wonderfully cosy, or you could even take a seat at the quayside with a beer from one of the shops. Jazz music and great food is what this place is all about, so go along if you fancy it!


This is one of the longest pedestrian streets in all of Europe, but it’s packed full of shops for you to go wild with souvenirs and even designer clothes. Here you can find the likes of Prada, Mulberry, Hermes and Boss, but if they’re a bit too much for your budget there’s also H&M Vero Moda, and Zara. You’ll also find plenty of entertaining street performers to brighten up your day!

Tivoli Gardens

If you’re travelling to Copenhagen with children then Tivoli Gardens is a must. It’s the world’s second oldest amusement park, and is filled with great rides (some more white knuckle than others), fine foods and even rock concerts. The Autumn holiday is a great time to visit, as it gets magically transformed into an enchanted place full of witches, pumpkins and lanterns.

The Round Tower

The round tower is a great piece of Copenhagen’s history, and it’s still used today by amateur astrologers and tourists everywhere! You can get a great view of the older part of Copenhagen, but you’ll even enjoy some great views from inside the tower as it often exhibits art, culture and history.

The Experimentarium

This place is a cool science centre, that allows the curious to enjoy surprising experiences where they can touch, sense, and experiment (unlike other museums)! Shows run every day and the exhibits are truly fascinating – perfect for both children and adults!

The attractions here are just a roundup of what Copenhagen has to offer – there’s so much more to see and do; you’ll want to visit again and again!

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