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  • UFC 229: By the Numbers

    UFC 229 is set to take place on October 6 in Las Vegas, Nevada, with defending champion Khabib Nurmagomedov taking on returning UFC poster boy Conor McGregor. In betting it is the defending champions who is the favourite when looking at odds McGregor Khabib.

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  • The Four Best Parts of Traveling

    Yes, everyone has different specific reasons for traveling. But, if you lose yourself in the details of your own personalized version of the enjoyment of movement, you might miss out on some of the general pleasure of journeying and vacationing. It is the classic example of losing the forest for the trees if you don’t […]

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  • What Is Slow Travel?

    If you keep an eye on travel blogs and magazines, you most likely stumbled upon a term that may have left you with your eyebrows raised: “slow travel”. Before you rush to a conclusion, know that it doesn’t refer to the actual speed of your travel – you can ‘slow travel’ if you fly, if […]