Packing Tips For Travel Abroad

When you get ready to go on a trip it can be easy to want to bring a million different outfits depending on where you will be going.  You’ll want to bring your favorite workout clothes in case you decide to go for a run, your new pair of rain boots in case it rains, and you might just consider bringing that new travel pillow even though it takes up 40% of your suitcase.

However, knowing when to put limits on yourself is essential when it comes to prepping for a trip.  If you pack too much you will find that you are overburdened with the stress of making sure that you don’t surpass your checked luggage weight limits or have issues getting your luggage from point A to point B because of how cumbersome it is to carry.

Here are some of the best packing tips to remember before you get on an airplane.

Put Your Shoes In Your Carry On

One of the biggest culprits of weight on a suitcase is shoes.  Each pair of shoes weigh an average of 5 pounds, so when you pack more than 3 pairs you are putting yourself at risk for using half of your permitted weight on shoes alone.

Instead, try to pack your lightest things in your checked luggage and pack your heaviest things in your carry-on bag in order to maximize the weight restrictions.

Wear Your Heaviest Items On The Plane

If you absolutely have to pack your big bulky coat and favorite pair of bulky boots, use one of the oldest tricks in the book and wear your heaviest and bulkiest items onto the flight.

This way you can not only stay warm on your flight but you can make sure that you are taking off as many as 20 pounds off of your luggage.

Buy Your Toiletries Upon Arrival

All of those liquids that you are tempted to pack are not only a pain at the security gate but they also take up a lot of weight.  Instead of purchasing these before your trip, consider buying them once you arrive at your destination.

This way you eliminate extra weight, potential spills, and extra hassle putting them into Ziploc bags at security.

Be As Minimal As Possible

If there is one rule to live by when packing your bags for a journey it is to be as minimal as possible.  Ask yourself if you really need 4 pairs of pants or if you think you can manage with only 3.  By taking the minimal amount of things you are simplifying not only your trip but your life.

Not to mention you are also giving yourself more space to be able to buy yourself a few things to bring home that will actually fit into your luggage.

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