Must See Destinations in Portugal


Portugal has everything that a great holiday consists of, not to mention a few extras thrown in that you wouldn’t normally expect! Of course there are your standard sun drenched, golden beaches, but did you know about the fairytale castles? Or the vineyards dotted over the hillside? Portugal is full of islands that just call out to the naturally adventurous. When I visited Portugal, I even had some kite surfing lessons from a company like Kite Control Portugal and it was a great experience. The beaches are so peaceful and beautiful! Portugal has a lot more than just beaches to offer though. Although it’s famous for watersports, Portugal boasts lots of other natural attractions. Bearing this in mind, it may be a good idea to check out a rental car service like, or a similar company within the area you are going to, so you can travel to these natural attractions and soak up the scenery. So many things in this great country make travel rewarding, but where are the best places to go to reap the rewards? Here are the must see destinations in Portugal to help you plan your adventure>

The Algarve

The Algarve is famous for sea, sun, and sand. This destination’s beaches and villages are the things that make it stand out above the rest, but it also boasts some world class golf courses for those who fancy a game. There are lots of beautiful Albufeira apartments to rent in the centre of the Algarve, but plenty of hotels available too if you’d prefer a package deal. Make sure you visit Faro, an 18th century village with all of it’s charming neighbourhoods still perfectly intact.


Porto is to thank for two things; giving Portugal it’s name, and the drink we all know and love today as Port! In 1996, Porto was declared a UNESCO World Heritage, thanks to it’s many architectural masterpieces and the Douro River. If you’re after somewhere romantic in Porto, you can’t go wrong with The Cais da Ribeira. There are plenty of cafes, bars, and restaurants for you to enjoy, and you can’t beat a romantic stroll along the Douro.


The town of Obidos is another that was once loved by Royalty, as the first King of Portugal offered it to his wife as a gift. Since then, the town and the land surrounding it was always known as the property of the Queens of Portugal. You can really feel the medieval atmosphere as you gaze at the whitewashed houses and take in the winding streets!


Evora is a unique and historic city, filled with a maze of streets, courtyards, fountains, and gothic style doorways and turrets. Royals have even married here! This is another amazing destination that UNESCO have declared a World Heritage Site, due to the amazing landscape filled with mountains and historic buildings.


Guimaraes is a carefully preserved city, and yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site. This town has a very special value for it’s people; it was the place where the first King of Portugal fought the battle of Sao Mamede. As well as a medieval castle, the city is also home to palaces, museums, narrow medieval streets, and more. Some historians even consider Rua de Santa Maria the most beautiful place in the city.

These must see destination of Portugal will literally take your breath away; with the sheer beauty, history, and culture that comes with them. Wherever you go in Portugal there will be an interesting backstory, lots of historical sites to see, and plenty of delicious food to enjoy. You’ll soon realise why Portugal is loved by all who visit!

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