Important Attractions to Visit in Da Nang


For tourists vising the East Coast of Vietnam, one of the sight seeing destinations that should not be missed is Da Nang. This place has a whole lot of tourist attractions to offer in the form of pristine beaches and the various archeological monuments that are spread across this beautiful city.

If you are one of those planning to visit the East Coast of Vietnam, then check out this guide to some of the top things to do in Danang. If you’re a looking for a  hotel in Danang Vietnam to relax in, check out the Hyatt resort.

1.Exploring Cham Museum

This museum show cases the rich culture and history of the Champa Kingdom that ruled this portion of Vietnam from 200 A.D to 1835 A.D. One can see the beautiful sculptures and idols of Hindu and Buddhist Gods and sacred animals in the museum. These idols and sculptures belong to the Cham rule period ranging between 6th century and 18th century. Visiting Guests can see more than 300 varieties of artifacts related to the champa kingdom in this museum. Another major attraction is the Cham Tower that has been excavated recently by the archeologists. This tower is a sight to behold as it contains four gates and minor towers placed symmetrically.

2. Visiting the Marble Mountains

These limestone mountains are located in the southwestern region of Da Nang. These five mountains are named after the five elements of nature. The temples consist of beautiful pagodas, tunnels and caves to explore for the visiting guests. One of the mountains is an open mountain and visitor can experience the thrill of climbing an open mountain. Once at the top of the mountain, one can have a bird’s eye view of the surrounding greenery.

3. Relaxing in the beautiful beaches of Da Nang

China Beach is one of the famous beaches in Da Nang. This beach was used for recreational purposes by the American troops during the Vietnam War. Even today, one can see a large number of visitors enjoying the sun and the sand of this beach along with their friends and family members. This beach is well known for its white sand and crystal clear water. The beach is surrounded by a series of lush green forest trees. In the year 2005, Forbes voted this beach as one of the most beautiful beaches to visit in Asia. Adventure seeking tourists can enjoy the wind surfing facility available in the beach.

4. Visiting Da Nang Cathedral or Rooster Church

This is another beautiful landmark that dots the landscape of Da Nang. This church was built by the French Catholics in the year 1923. The church has been built in line with the French Architecture and one can enjoy the beautiful interiors that are decorated tastefully in line with the French interior landscaping. This church attracts a number of visitors through out the year and is located in a place called Tran Phu, which is actually located in the city center. Religious Services are held through out the year and visitors can observe the Vietnamese way of conducting church services.

5. Breath Taking Buddhist Pagodas

Travel to Da Nang is incomplete without a visit to the Buddhist Pagodas. People come from different parts of the world to worship and meditate in side the pagodas. One of the famous Pagodas located in Da Nang is the Pap Lam Pagoda. This Pagoda is particularly famous for its golden Buddhist Statue. Pho Da Pagoda is another famous pagoda located in this region.

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