How to Get Help From Lawyers on Asylum Interviews?

Lawyers contribute a significant role in asylum interviews, especially in providing a strong impression of your case to the asylum official. The interview is crucial in determining whether your petition has a good chance of being approved. Given that the interview involves legal matters and extensive background checks, it is best to seek help from a professional who can legally represent you and is familiar with the law.

Seeking Lawyers for Asylum Interview

There are a lot of asylum lawyers that can provide you with the best assistance. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) allows you to bring an attorney to your interview, regardless if the legal representative is in a private or public sector.

In finding lawyers to help you on your interview, you may opt to seek pro-bono (free or affordable cost), community, or non-profit organization lawyers to assist you. These lawyers are mainly for those who can’t afford to hire lawyers from private law firms. The USCIS had provided a list of qualified organizations or lawyers to prevent you from hiring attorneys without accreditation. You may also contact the nearest USCIS or Asylum office to confirm the organization you want to seek legal advice to.

Once you have contacted a lawyer, there will be a consultation to determine the severity of your case, your rights, and options to consider. It will help you prepare for the asylum interview to provide straightforward facts and emphasis on your reason for the petition. You must also ask the attorney if there is any information in your case that can count as a strong criterion to become an asylee.

What You Need During the Asylum Interview

During the interview, the lawyer would be responsible for all the mandatory items you need. It includes the following:

  • Identification Card
  • Form I-94 (If available)
  • Travel Documents
  • Original Demographic Certificates (Birth, Marriage, Citizenship)
  • Form I-589
  • Any documents that may provide evidence to your claims

Apart from these, your lawyer would be briefing you about possible questions the asylum officials might ask. This briefing and preparation can help you answer firmly in all questions and provide them with a direct storyline. A direct storyline would make the petition stronger and would administer a chance of authorization. Your attorney will also prepare you for questions about your traumatic experiences in your home country. Despite the officials knowing that this topic is highly sensitive, asking why you are being persecuted or threatened is crucial for an asylum grant. Your reason for unwillingness to return home will most likely be the center of the interview; therefore, it is a significant factor to be briefed beforehand by your legal adviser. The interview will end depending on how long and complex your case is; it runs for an hour in most cases.


Asylum lawyers are indeed a necessity when it comes to interviews and even in court. With their help, your asylum interview will be under smooth and systematic guidance. All you need to do is to discern thoroughly which asylum or immigration attorney best fits you and your case.