The beautiful island of Maui has been a perfect getaway for couples from all over the world for its beauty, the serene landscapes, the perfect blue waters and the wonderful climate. The Hawaiian way of life is calm and friendly, and romance is in the air. Watch the sunset from the top of the Haleakala peak, go for a romantic sail cruise, have a beautiful romantic Hawaiian dinner and cozy up with your loved one in one of the luxurious, hospitable vacation homes in Maui located just steps away from the ocean.

Maui offers a plethora of activities which makes it a perfect location to spend some alone time with that special someone. You will get to enjoy all the best locations as well as exotic resorts with your partner. And if you want to make the trip more sensual, you can look for perfumes such as True Pheromones that can make you tempting to your partner. Pheromone perfume can boost the attraction between couples by enhancing the natural scent of the wearer.

So, enjoy Maui with your special someone and improve that romantic bond between both of you. Here are the five romantic activities, which will make our romantic getaway to Maui truly memorable.

1. Go for a Romantic Sunset Cruise

The beautiful blue waters of Maui becomes magically beautiful during the sunset. The beautiful orange hue of the sun makes the sea glow as it sets for the day deep into the horizon. Sail into the sea on a luxurious catamaran. Enjoy the unbeatable coastal views while sharing your favourite drink with your loved one. Watch the sea change its color from inky blue to orange to purple and then finally turning black, reflecting the beautiful night sky. This romantic sunset cruise into the ocean of Maui will surely become a moment which you and your lover will cherish forever.

2. Watch the Sunrise from Haleakala summit

Go for an early morning adventure with your loved one to the top of the Haleakala peak to watch the sunrise. Arguably the most beautiful sunrise view of the whole planet, the panoramic view atop the crater of this volcano will surely take your breath away. Watch the sun rise from the blanket of the clouds, glittering the whole area with its golden aura. You can see the west region of Maui, and also the Hawaii Island lying far away. Learn about the native Hawaiian culture, their history and their legends as you descent.

3.Go on a Scenic Road Trip to Hana

The 64 mile stretch of Hana Highway is not the best road to drive on, but the beautiful vistas you can witness on this drive makes it one of the most romantic rides you’ll experience in your lifetime. The road stretches along the ocean, through lush rainforests and mountainous cliffs. You’ll find a number of waterfalls, lonely bridges and hairpin bends along the way. And not only the journey, but the secluded destination of Hana itself is also perfect to spend some alone time with your loved one.

4. Go Snorkelling at Honolua Bay

Located on the north western end of Maui, the Honolua Bay is a paradise for everyone who loves to snorkel. It is a Marine Life Conservation District. No fishing is allowed here, which results in a diverse and rich marine life. Also, the right side of the bay is rich with vibrantly colourful corals. Dive into the beautiful blue water with your loved one. The magical underwater world with all its colours and beauty will surely take your and your partners breath away.

5. Have a Hawaiian Dinner

The fresh and delicious Hawaiian food along with the beautiful backdrop of the ocean make up for the best date you’ll probably enjoy with your partner. From Mama’s Fish House to Ferraro’s Bar e Ristorante, Maui is saturated with a number of excellent restaurants providing you with a romantic dinner experience. In Mama’s Fish House, arrive for sunset and stroll the adjacent palm grove and hidden, sandy cove. Then opt for the freshest fish available on the island. The romantic culinary experience which you and your partner can enjoy will truly be a highlight in your getaway to Maui.

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