Finding a Car to Take You Around The World

For those of us who love adventure, finding the right car to get us where we want to go can be tough. Qualities like ruggedness, fuel economy, comfort, and power rarely come in single packages. It all depends on what you are looking for. A retired couple looking to crisscross the interstates is going to have different requirements than someone who likes to drive off the beaten path.

Also, there may be some people who might want to make a statement by taking along a vintage car that can turn heads. Such people might want to search for classic cars for sale in Texas or in their state of residence. Owning a classic beauty is a standard in itself and could be a representation of the class of those owning it. The owners of such vehicles certainly attract everyone’s attention as they drive down the highway. Moreover, with Classic Car Repair services so conveniently available, keeping it in its top condition shouldn’t also seem like a hassle for them.

Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the options for those of us who bring our cars with us when we travel. Apart from the below selections, if you are looking for a smooth car shopping experience, you can also look at various sites like and find reasonable prices, with which you can continue your purchase.

Land Rover Range Rover

Starting off with something that is equal parts classic and unique, we have the Range Rover by Land Rover. This iconic car has been conquering the world for decades, matching performance, power and luxury. In fact, the Range Rover sits alone as the undisputed leader in its field. Other cars might match its power and off-road ability, but are seriously lacking in the comfort department, while the more posh competitors to the Range Rover can’t match its all-terrain ability. The Range Rover is a car like no other, equally at home on the city streets as it is on a mountain side drive.

Toyota Highlander

If you are going to be traversing the world, racking up the miles, and generally causing a lot of wear on your vehicle, then you need something ultra-dependable. Look no further than the Toyota Highlander. One of the most popular SUV models of all time, the Highlander isn’t going to beat you flash, but it will take you where you need to go, every time. It’s one of the only cars where nearly a third of customers have reported keeping it for longer than 10 years. Add ample cargo space and a hybrid option and you have a car that will keep up with your travels for years to come.

Mauck 2

Say you don’t want to just drive in your car, but live in it too, but you are put off by the giant price tags and space of a full sized RV. Enter the Mauck 2. Customizable and perfect for couples or single travelers, the Mauck 2 is built off of a Mercedes-Benz chassis. The body of the car is large enough to carry a bathroom and sink, as well as bed table and foldable chairs for extra space. The Mauck 2 even has options for microwaves and refrigerators. It’s smaller size means you won’t struggle to find parking wherever you go, and you will spend less time at the gas station.

Wrap Up

Traveling the world from the seat of your car can be an extremely rewarding experience. Whether you are looking for something to take you to the edge and back, or just a car that can provide some comfort on your journey, you will have plenty of options when the time to buy comes around. Just keep in mind what you want out of your vehicle and happy traveling

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