3 Ways To Celebrate Recovery On Your Next Vacation

Addiction is an awful experience that no one sets out in life to traverse. It takes your dignity, ruins your health, and causes bridges to be burned in relationships with friends and family. It’s merciless.

However, if you have managed to conquer this demon through the help of a rehabilitation program and are now clean and sober, congratulations are definitely in order!

You have a lot to celebrate. Why not do it with a vacation you will never forget? Below are some ideas on how to proclaim your triumphant return to the world without falling into the pit of addiction.

Eat At The Fanciest Restaurant You Can Afford

Granted, there aren’t many of us that can afford the Aragawa in Tokyo, Japan. At $316 a plate, there aren’t many us that would even bother. However, maybe you can find your way to Olive Garden or Red Lobster. The most expensive restaurant some can afford might be Taco Bell.

Who cares? The point is to go out and celebrate this momentous occasion with those you love. Take time to enjoy your favorite foods with family and friends instead of a blunt or a beer. Make a party out of it. Most restaurants are more than willing to cater to the overcoming of such a difficult milestone.

Do Something Dangerous

One of the reasons many drug users become addicts is because of the high they receive every time they use. There is no better high than the adrenaline rush of doing something dangerously adventurous and surviving.

If this is more like it for you, try swimming with the sharks in Brazil or rafting down the Colorado River. Go hike the Caminito del Rey. This path is only about 3 ft. wide and runs along a sheer cliff face that is about 330 ft. off the ground.

If you aren’t feeling quite that adventurous, there are several places throughout the world that you could enjoy your first bungee jump or jump out of a completely perfect running airplane. In any case, make sure to enact any safety measures available.

Relax By The Beach

Then, there is the quieter side of some. The world of addiction can give many enough adventure to last a lifetime and the last thing they want is an adrenaline rush. If you are one of those, entertain the thought of a week spent simply relaxing at the beach

Let the sound of the crashing waves soothe your recovering body and remind it what living can be all about. Soak up the vitamin D from the sun (a natural mood booster) and see how much happier you are on your way home. If you’re lucky, you may even get to see nature’s fury over the ocean.

A thunderstorm over the ocean can serve as an awesome reminder of what you have conquered in the process of recovering. You are no longer tossed about by every wind and wave. Celebrate!!

Vacations are fun, in and of themselves, but the accomplishment of becoming and remaining sober and drug free can turn a simple vacation into the healthiest party you’ve ever been to.

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