The Essential International Relocation Guide

I don’t know if I could personally ever relocate to permanently live in another country, but perhaps that’s only because I’ve not found a reason to yet. I mean it would be a serious ask of my wife for us to uproot our life here in Manchester…err, or not actually, based on something she once said when were on a trip to Cyprus. In any case, there are many Brits who have gone the whole nine yards and are happily living their new lives abroad, many of whom I’ve collaborated with to put together this essential international relocation guide.

Get a Real Taste of Your Identified New Home

Look, most of the people I spoke to who eventually went on to make their permanent move said that it all started with a holiday visit to what is now their new home. Apparently you “just know” that one day you’re going to move somewhere permanently as soon as you clear customs at the airport and get a taste of what life is like locally.

That said however, it’s important to spend a good few months getting to really know the place you want to relocate to so that you never feel like you might have rushed into things somewhere down the line when the novelty starts to wear off. Make local friends, venture beyond the touristy areas and perhaps even get to grips with the local political situation before you start the process of applying for permanent residence and making arrangements to move.

Get Your Legal Affairs in Order

Make no mistake about it – the single factor which will have the biggest impact on your ability to move to a country you’ve identified as your ideal new permanent home is that of your financial affairs, which are very tightly tied to your ability to prove your financial standing. This means that you have to go through a legal process which will essentially have you providing adequate proof that you are able to sustain yourself and that you’re not going to be a financial burden on the state you’re planning to make your new home in.

Moving your business operations to that destination country as one of the ways through which to furnish these requirements is particularly tricky, or indeed if your plan is to start up a completely new business. The best way to approach this is with the guidance of a local legal firm which focuses on real estate and business law as part of their service offering. They’ll bring to light quite a few little details which you couldn’t possibly account for going it alone, especially if you’re planning on moving to countries like the United States where even us Brits don’t really seem to get the favourable treatment we often get within the immigration processes of many other countries.

Otherwise if something within you draws you to a specific place as more than just a tourist destination, it is indeed at least worth spending some time getting to know the place better. After all, the heart wants what the heart wants.

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